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We have been putting Deli Display Billboards in Restaurants for over 20 years. You bought an Ad on the Billboard and it hang in the restaurant for a full year at an affordable price. We're now on our 12th Year of what we call “Web Displays”.  We design a web site for many individual towns that gives out information of many of the small businesses in the area. The cost of the ad is only $100 for a full year. (NO SETUP CHARGE - NO ART CHARGE - AND NO HOSTING FEES). We can put a slide show of photos of your business, create a map to your location, and even design you a professional logo at no charge. Your ad will be on the “PROMINENT BUSINESS” page with a link to your whole page in the web site. If you have a Web Site already then we’ll link your ad to your web site. You can purchase additional pages should you have more information that you want to add about your business than one page will warrant.


 If you are wondering how people will know about this web site, we came up with a simple solution to advertise it. Everyone that buys an ad will receive a custom clock with their logo on it and the words, “Visit www.RockwallWebDisplay.com” or Whatever Web Display they may be on. We also put signs in area businesses around town to tell everyone about the WEB DISPLAY web site.


 Any business can be added at anytime. Your ad page will last for one year from the time it begins and you can add additional pages at anytime. Anytime you need us to make a change on your ad just give us an email or call us and we’ll update it immediately.


 If you don’t have a web site we can design you one. Many businesses have Web Sites but no one knows where they are located on the Internet. This new concept that we’re doing will inform many customers where to find you.


Here are some of the WEB DISPLAYS that we have posted recently. Just click on one of the headers to the right, and notice how easy it is to navigate thru the web site to see all the businesses information.


We’re very excited about this new approach we’re taking in our business. If you have any suggestions or comments feel free to email us at any time.


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